Matt Levi has been a private detective  in Hawai`i for almost 25 years, following a career as an investigative reporter on Hawai`i television. He will be hosting Hawai`i’s newest locally produced TV series with HAWAI`I INVESTIGATES.

The first show takes viewers behind the walls of Hawai`i’s youth prison- the Hawai`i Youth Correctional Facility. It is the last stop in the Hawai`i juvenile justice system and was declared in a state of “chaos” by the federal government just a few years ago.

Has the system changed since then?

Is money spent on youth corrections being spent wisely?

We speak to administrators, staff, and the young inmates themselves. Twenty-six years ago, Matt Levi took the first cameras into the youth prison and interviewed the teenage offenders confined there.

For this new show, Levi tracked down these former inmates, who are now in their forties. They agreed to be interviewed. We’ll see whether they have changed, and what they want to tell today’s young people about which path to follow.

Locally produced.

Premieres on KGMB April 14 at 6:30 p.m. and April 15, on KHNL at 6:30 p.m.